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          Color printers can be printed on many materials, and the range of application of color printers is very wide. Then some people will not know how to use color printers and how to work. Let's understand the principle of color printers.
          If you want to know the principle of color printing press, you need to buy the machine first. You may not be able to buy the good one when you buy it. So how to buy it? Let's talk about how to buy a color printer first.
          First of all, we need to understand the accuracy of the color printer. When purchasing the machine, we should look at the machine color printing once and measure whether the size of the color prints is the same as the size of the pictures set in the computer.
          第二,就要選擇具有高強度工作能力的彩色數碼印刷機,彩印機易于操作,省時省力,更加能夠連續地工作,為客戶提供創造財富的基。 佣歡系匚 突G叢炖。
          Secondly, we need to choose a color digital printing machine with high-intensity work ability. The color printing machine is easy to operate, time-saving and labor-saving, and can work continuously to provide customers with the basis for creating wealth, thus continuously creating profits for customers.
          Therefore, when choosing a color printer, customers must choose a color printer with high working strength. Thirdly, it is necessary to select a stable nozzle and ink without impurities. A good color printer should have good stability in the ink supply. Firstly, the sprinkler is durable, secondly, the plug is blocked, and the phenomenon of ink breakage and ink leakage is relatively small.


          Knowing these, you can buy a good color printing press. How to operate a good color printing press? What is its working principle? Now let's talk about the principle of color printer.
          Printed text and images are first required to be printed on a printing press and then coated with ink on the printing plate where there are words and images, and then directly or indirectly transferred to paper or other prints (such as glass, plastic, leather, wood, glass and ceramics) to reproduce the image with the printing plate. The same printed matter. The above is about the introduction of the principle and some other knowledge development.
          There are also many matters needing attention in the work of color printers. Small editions may not be clearly expressed here. They should also be purchased according to their own strength and situation. They also need to look at the performance of the machine. Some knowledge they do not understand can refer to some of the simple principles mentioned above.
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