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          Printing quality directly affects the reputation of the printing plant, so the printing plant is always concerned about the quality of printing quality, many people will first think that the quality of printing quality is related to the quality of paper?

          The quality of printed products has an important relationship with the quality of paper, paper will naturally determine the length of life of finished products. So before the finished product printing must choose good quality paper, first of all want to know what kind of paper is good, it is necessary to understand the knowledge of paper. As for the edges of the paper, this can not be printed, because the 


          machine's paper, the original size of the paper should be larger, so that part of the machine does not cut off.

          About the magazine's main paper is relief paper, relief paper according to the quality of good or bad can be divided into four grades, with the number of increase in quality is worse.
          Compared with press release paper, this kind of paper also has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, compared with press release paper, it has many differences in ink absorption. Although its ink absorption is not as good as newsprint, it has the characteristics of uniform ink absorption; water resistance and paper whiteness are better than newsprint.
          凸版紙具有質地均勻、不起毛、略有彈性、不透明、稍有抗水性能、有一定的機械強度等特性。 新聞紙也叫白報紙,是報刊及書籍的主要用紙。
          Gravure paper has uniform texture, no wool, slightly elastic, opaque, slightly water resistance, a certain degree of mechanical strength and other characteristics. Newsprint is also called white newspaper. It is the main paper for newspapers and books.
          Newsprint has the following characteristics: soft paper, good elasticity; good ink absorption performance, which ensures that ink fast fixed on the paper; paper after calendering smooth on both sides, not wool, so that both sides of the print is clear and full; a certain degree of mechanical strength; opacity is good; suitable for high-speed wheels; Turn printing. glue
          版紙主要供平版(膠。┬  蚱淥   平細嘸恫噬  え,如彩色畫報、畫冊、宣傳畫、彩印商標及一些高級書籍,以及書籍封面,插圖等。
          Printing paper is mainly used for lithographic (offset) or other printing presses to produce higher-grade color printing, such as color pictorials, albums, posters, color printing trademarks and some advanced books, as well as book covers, illustrations and so on.