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          The quality of printing and printing directly reflects the overall level of printing and related industries in a country.

          To improve the printing quality of Chinese books and periodicals in an all-round way, it is impossible to rely solely on the efforts of any department. The publishing administrative departments, publishing departments, printing enterprises and related printing equipment and equipment industry should be jointly responsible for their respective responsibilities, and make joint efforts to work effectively. Specifically, in the development plan of the printing industry during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the government departments should have clear requirements and a series of powerful measures to achieve the goal of printing and printing quality of books and periodicals. The most urgent task is to solve the related qualification problems of the testing center. Only in this way can the testing center face the whole country justly and vigorously. Supervise the quality of printing products. In addition, the initiative of the National Printing Standardization Technical Committee should be fully mobilized. Referring to international standards, international standards should be adopted more equally or more effectively. Advanced foreign standards should be used to formulate national and industrial standards for the quality of Chinese printing products, and quality management personnel of different levels and types should be trained and transported.


          For publishing houses, to really put the social benefits of publishing in the first place, we must not only look at the price of the printing plant when bidding, but ignore the advanced equipment of the enterprise, the technical level of workers, enterprise integrity and other conditions arbitrarily selected. Editors, especially art editors, are required to learn some knowledge of printing technology and printing quality standards, constantly improve their professional level, provide qualified and good paper and other printed materials for printing enterprises, and establish quality supervisors for printing and printing, so as to supervise the quality of printing and printing.
          For books and periodicals printing enterprises, it is necessary to strengthen the management of printing quality, specifically from the following aspects: qualified enterprises should pass the ISO 9001 quality management system certification as soon as possible. Enterprises without conditions must create conditions and solve them as soon as possible. Study and implement advanced 5S management to improve product quality. Establish an enterprise information system to ensure that the entire printing process is controlled. Adhere to technological progress, strengthen staff training, and comprehensively improve the quality of workers.
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