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          你知道印前圖像為什麼要加網嗎?想要了解就跟我們一起來看一下吧。br /> Do you know why pre print images need to be netting? If you want to know, please come and have a look with us!

          Because the printing process determines that only dots can be used to reproduce the continuous tone level of the original, if you zoom in, you will find that is composed of numerous dots of different sizes. We can see that although the size of the dots is different, they all occupy the same size of the spatial position, because the original image after screening, the image is divided into numerous regular arrangement of the dots, that is, the tone image information into discrete dot image information.


          網點越大,表現的顏色越深,層次越暗;網點越。 硐值難丈 角,表示的層次越亮。每個網點佔有的固定空間位置大小是由加網線數決定的,例如,加網點目數為150lpi,則在一英寸的長度或寬度上有150個網點。網點空間的位置和網點大小是兩個不同的概念,例如C50%代表的含義是網點大小佔網點空間位置的50%,100%是指網點大小全部覆蓋網點空間位置,即印刷中所稱的"實地",0%由于沒有網點,只有網點空間位置,所以這塊地方就沒有油墨被印上。
          The larger the dot, the darker the color, the darker the layer; the smaller the dot, the lighter the color, the brighter the layer. The size of the fixed space occupied by each dot is determined by the number of screening lines. For example, if the number of screening dots is 150 lpi, there are 150 dots per inch in length or width. The location of dot space and the size of dot are two different concepts. For example, C50% means that dot size accounts for 50% of the space of dot. 100% means that dot size covers all the space of dot, i.e. the "field" in printing. 0% means that there is no dot and only the space of dot, so this place does not exist. Ink is printed.
          顯然掛網目數越大,網點所佔空間位置越。  枋齙牟憒尉馱蕉,越細膩。事實上,原稿的層次和色彩就是通過這種掛網的方法被再現出來的。
          Obviously, the larger the number of hanging meshes, the smaller the space position of the dots, the more levels can be described, the more delicate. In fact, the hierarchy and color of the manuscript are reproduced through this way of hanging nets.